Saturday, April 6, 2013

Its Swatch Day again...

Its Swatch Day again...I have accumulated a few polishes this I thought i would get them all swatched into my collection.

 Top Row: L to R
 Finger Paints Fishin for fun and Are you Hoppy
 Pure Ice  Twisted and Silver Star
Jordana:  Celestial, Lunar Lights and Magenta Magic
Mini Indie by ATC (Above the Curve) Sunset Skies
Julep Brights  I upgraded and got the whole collection
Swatches below

From Left to Right
Mackenzie - Nice bright lime green frost
Janel-Bright Pinkie Rose frost
Abbie- Bright Yellow ..Pretty opaque in 1 coat
Kaylen - Gorgeous Bright Orange/tangering matte finish
Ally - Super Bright blue frost
Lena - Deep Green/teal creme
Eden - Blue/Purple matte
Avery- Hot pretty matte finish
Jackie - Bright reddish Rose 
Candy- Hard Candy Glaze in purple

Above the Curve - Sunset Skies (1 coat only)
FingerPaints - Fishin for Fun
Jordana - Magenta Magic
Pure Ice - Twisted 
Jordana - Celestial
I am a total sucker for Teal

Finger Paints - Are you Hoppy

Pure Ice - Silver Star 
I bought this for stamping

Jordana - Lunar Lights
This looks quite happy and colorful but its much more subdued and would be a great glitter
topper for any creme/frost color
Here is a pic of my quick Mani..I cut all my nails off as so many of them were split and half ripped off anyway..pisses me off  because I baby them so much and they still break so easily. I can also only get my left hand nails to grow long right hand just wont cooperate!! Grrr!
I had wanted to do a nice mint green mani with glitter but he loves the purple!!
My nails are SOOOO JACKED UP..Sorry!!
Beautiful Purple by Julep in Morgan and with a diagonal glitter french in 
Spoiled by WetnWild in Papa-Paparazzi.
And a random picture of my Cat - CLEMENTINE..
just cause she is so damn cute
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend Mini Haul

Hello Everyone who still comes  Its been so long Im not sure if anyone is still interested but I think its fun so Im gonna continue to do it.  So I went on Friday to my local Bealls Outlet store to do my Under 50 15% off Friday shopping and what do i find???  COLOR CLUB COLLECTIONS!!! $8.99 + 15% off  Thats right!!  Fiesta Collection, Take Wing Collection and Poptastic Collection.  I had two of them in my cart for an hour ( i already have take wing) and then i put them back because I swore I would buy no more new nailpolish!! My addiction is way out of control.   I finished my shopping and checked out with NO POLISH. I was given a $5 off coupon for my next shopping spree dont ya know...I was back there on Saturday morning and got me a POPTASTIC COLLECTION!!!  for $4.99  ..I couldnt help then I went to Walgreens and busted out another $5.00 for the 4 mini Essie Polishes... so much for self control.!!! What a sucker!!
I can't tell you how HAPPY I am with that COLORCLUB purchase. Each polish is beautiful. Some are fully opaque after 1 coat!!  Except for're looking at a good 3 coats there.
 So I did this jacked up Pink Lemonade Mani ( cause it sounds cute but the mani sucks) It was supposed to be a reverse french. I used those sticky things you put on paper to keep the holes from ripping. I got mine at the dollar store and the sticky part sucked and didn't work too well and that is why i put the stars on the line ( the line being way too far up the nail to begin with)

In my mind I see perfection, but my hands suck.  That is why i typically dont do nail art of any kind.
Anyway, I am loving all the new bright colors for spring ever since I did that mani with ZOYA Paz.
What are your favorite colors and manis for spring?? Leave me some comments ..let me know!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!