Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Parade of Men

As I look back on the Men in my life, I am getting caricature pictures of them in my head. We all try to consolidate the good, the bad and the ugly into something we can make sense of and then move here is my Halloween Parade of Men.

The Husband - 1989-1993

Met at a party, 2 weeks later we moved in together, got married 8 months later, had a daughter 9 months after that, Divorced in 3 years. Not much more to say here than thanks for Kate, the best thing in my life.

The New Boyfriend/Fiance 1993-2001
The Charmer

Charismatic, entertaining and exciting..Think Humphrey Bogart/Frank Sinatra  with the bad reputation and behaviors of Jack Nicholson. This guy did it all..he could dance..and I mean ..tap dance, play the drums and he could sing too. God was he fun..but what a heartbreak it was when it ended.

The Bachelor #1 - 2005-2007
Pirate Bastard

Sailor who drank too much and loved the ocean. We were perfect together.
A northerner ..thank god..and we had the bahamas in common as well.
Couldnt make a decision, sabateur,white lie teller and overall neurotic mess. Two needy people..who couldnt make it happen for one another no matter how hard we tried.

The Bachelor #2 - 2007-2008

What a doll...we both loved sports and had work in common too.
So nice and sweet and caring...but had a dark side I was unaware of.
Big Crisis..Chaos ensued..I got dumped without getting dumped..still friends but act as if we never had a relationship. Very weird and frustrating..he is still a bachelor and I am still confused.

The Bachelor #1 - 2008 - Current (that is questionable)
The Pirate Bastard AGAIN!

Yes..I know..its that love hate thing...We hate to love each other and we Love to Hate each other. Right now ..I hate to love him and he loves to hate me! We switch back and forth...absolutely intervention is needed.

So now I am at the point where I dont have any Boyfriends..meaning men i have intimate relationships with ..Only male friends that i know from work.
One in particular is the reason why this post has been created. I wrote this figure out some way of putting the words BUCK WILD into my blog. So here it goes.

The Business Associate 200?-current (not sure when we were in Lauderdale with your old friends)
BUCK WILD (this pic is actually a real costume named Buck Wild)

This particular man is married and we are friends/business associates and that is ALL!! He has been married for a zillion years and I am so in awe of that! He is the reason why I started My Best Day Ever..because he was the one who reached out and offered me help. He is a positive force and a wonderful friend. We have the most hilarious business lunches and we need to have more. Buck Wild is his wishful thinking, wannabe Porn Star name. He makes us call him that! Even his guy friends...or what he lovingly refers to them as his

Get out of that man cave, take off the manzier, Festivus is upon us ..lets Party!!! This ones for you Buck!


  1. Men! Can't live with 'em. Can't live with 'em.

    They all have their issues.

    I relate to the sports guy, all sweet and nice, but without the dark side.

  2. We all have our issues. Trust me, ask my hubby!! He deals with my crap and I deal with his, but at the end of the day, he loves my bitchy self........

  3. Yep. There's something wrong with everyone. You just have to decide if you can stand it every day for the rest of your life or not.

  4. just makes me downright mad that only 3 people saw this post. I cracked up...and I thought it was insanely creative! I just kept hearing Willy Nelson all the "guys" I've loved before. Thanks for coming by today. Love the Kindergartner story you shared. YOU CANNOT HAVE A 19 year old. I stand amazed you young little hottie! Always love seeing ya. Holly at LLL

  5. Come by Sunday for a little Bling baby.

  6. oh I am SO going to do this!!

  7. Great post! I was into jocks and then I wised up and married the nice guy.

  8. OMG-you have me on the floor with this one...oh it makes me remember all the weird guys I dated, like the jock who cheated on me or the wrestling fanatic who made me mow his lawn. Craziness, that's men in a nutshell!

  9. That is funny and oh so clever. Mine would just need one costume...a big A-hole..that is all I dated until I met my hubby.

  10. soo funny!!! I love you already!!! stop by! I might try to do this!

  11. Just stopping back by to tell you that there's a little something waiting for you on my blog, come see!

  12. I find this amusing. Yes, come to think of it, when I look back, I'd better just stop myself and think of what is the present instead. Haha!

  13. Live and learn, every time.....just kee moving forward, though..thanks for the tour through boyfriends past **Shudder**now I am remembering my own.....finally got lucky 18 years ago, though...

  14. There is no bigger compliment than..."you peed your pants when you saw the cucumber!" That is good stuff right there my lady. Thanks for coming by today. Holly at LLL

  15. Very good! I don't seem to be getting your posts in my reader...gotta go and see what's going on with that!

  16. the charmer's are the worst in my book. like a slug laced in powdered sugar.

    thans for stopping by the blog today...following you!

  17. What a creative post!!! I ended up marrying my college sweetheart so I don't have many boyfriends from the past!

    You were before me on SITS today!! Happy Saturday Sharefest!!!!

  18. That's too funny :)

    Stopping by via SITS to say hello. Harriet

  19. hahahah! This was hysterical. Love the pictures and the timeline! Thanks for stopping by today - I am so glad you did so I could find your blog!

  20. I think the Pirate Bastard dude is rockin' my world this morning. Notice you're a Superior Scribbler...Greetings, doll, from The ORIGINAL Superior Scribbler! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    We Are, Like, Soooooooooooo Fetch!

  21. Damn those sea-lovin' scoundrels! But they do tend to be sooo hot. Great post. Found you from SITS and am wondering how we've missed each other for so long!

  22. Super creative post that I really enjoyed reading. Seriously, that was entertainment.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  23. I soo loved this post! However If I attempted to do the same, the parade between Hubby #1 (The Cheating Bastard) and Hubby #2 (The Loving Cuddly Bear)--who is still my Hubby 26 years later--well, that parade would be embsarrassingly long! Needless to say, a cast of thousands--well, not quite, but more than I care to admit! (Went through a little promiscuous spell there--it was the 70s and early 80s)
    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you will do the same.

  24. Hey, I'm stopping by from Matty's to say hello. This post was hysterical and reminded me of a few guys I dated before hubby. Oy! You can't live with 'em and you can't shoot 'em.

    Nice to meet you . I'll be back again soon.


  25. I could totally topple this with some of the morons I've dated. And that's not counting the down-right dangerous! I came from bad-boy stock (my dad) and was related to it (my brother) and dated them for years, taking their crap. Thankfully I grew out of it and married one of the good guys. I allow bad-guy to permeate me imaginatively only nowadays - in books and errm - cough - the odd intimate fantasy ;)X


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