Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Sunday Cyber "Im Screwed" List 11-1-09

Its Sunday...and I have been sitting on my butt now for a day and a half. This month I spent 4 days having a garage sale with my business partner, Alanna..The first weekend we attempted this we managed to put out eveything we dont want to own anymore, for about an hour before the heavens decided to open up and cleanse of our sins, our stuff and any money to be made that day!

This past  Thursday and Friday we tried again in 90 degree/100% humidity weather. I broke the Guiness Book of World Records in the Butt Crack Sweat Marathon ( pics available), prevented a UTI by consuming a few too many Vodka and Cranberry Juice Coctails and  I made 60 bucks and gave 20 back to the GoodWill Bookstore...I am a sucker for booze and books..don't Judge me!

So my "Im Screwed" List is shaping up as follows:

1. Post a Blog entry!
2. Get the Sunday Paper
3. Clean out the cat's box ( just the major overhaul..thank god!)
4. Finish the laundry ( finished two loads already but missed about 5 crucial pieces that were hiding in        between sheets and under the bed, might as well do the sheets while im rummaging around in there)
5. Put away my Halloween Decorations..I hate that part! What a pain..hardly worth the effort to put them up.
6. And here is the worst one of all:  Drag my Knitting that I screwed up a few weeks ago because I was KUI (knitting under the influence)  I can't even tell you how mad I am about that. I stuffed it all in the bag , chucked it in my closet and havent look at it since...but today is the day I am going to come to terms with
my issues.

Now I could add mop the kitchen floor, vacuum the livingroom and clean the bathrooms which would make me look like a proper Betty Homemaker.but even I cant bring myself to lie...even to you guys...Im not doing ANY of those things today...or possibly anytime in the near future either...Return of the Kitty Zombies!!

So off I go to sit on my butt.. get something done..wish me luck!!
Until Tomorrow....It's all Good!!


  1. That's the best way to prevent a UTI right? That's what I always thought! :)

    I'm a sucker for books if I could just stop blogging long enough to read one!

    I'm supposed to start writing a book not in the mood...oh well!

  2. At least you're making progress with the clutter. It's all a step in the right direction.

    KUI? Never heard of that one before. At least there's no jail time involved with that one.

  3. I am with you about those stupid decorations. You put em up just to have to take em down. I am staring at my flying spider in the tree through the window right now. maybe I'll leave it up till next year....

  4. I'm a book-a-holic but have been doing too much blog stuff to find the time to read. I didnt' decorate for Halloween this year. Mostly because I hate taking it down.


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