Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Sunday Cyber "I'm Screwed" List

I have a list.
A list in my head of the things I want to do today.
I don't write these things down for a few reasons.

1. I would have to stick to them..too much pressure
2. If I see them all at once, it would be overwhelming and I would end up blowing all of them off.
3. I would lose the list and find it a year later stuffed in the dark recesses of my wallet..which of course is devoid  of any green stuff so why would i even look there to begin with.
4.If I wrote down a Things To Do would just lead to thinking of things I would like to do ( not have to do or need to do) and then I would have two lists..( lists multiply like bunnies)

See this list is getting longer and longer just because I'm writing a list.. Its gotta STOP!!

Funny thing is..I'm doing one of the things on my mental list right now! Posting on my Blog!! Yeah..Numero Uno is Almost Done..brain don't fail me now. So, now I'm thinking..lets kill two birds with one stone and make a CYBER ( old school web term I cant stay away from)LIST..of the things I NEED,WANT or just plain HOPE to do today...I won't lose this list..and I'm certainly not going to carry it around with me..and if I don't get everything done..I just will never read this post again..YES!! I'm DOING IT!!

What I am currently doing is Mind F'ing myself into believing that I will actually check off each item on this list today..or at the very least make the pretense of actually TRYING  to get some of them done.
I just love how I can get myself off the hook for just about anything....

1. Post on My Blog - Check - The day is not a total failure  as is obvious by this post..YEAH!!

2.Unpack my suitcase from the business trip I took 2 weeks ago - Really I have no excuse!

3.Sweep up the tumbleweeds of my hair , my cat's  hair and  general dirt and lint that are trying to form itself into another entity for me to take care of..( the image of Frosty the Snowman coming back to life from a puddle of water..think dust and cat/human  hair rising up into some Kitty Zombie of some sort...I better get on that)

4.Put the clean covers back on the couch cushions..I've been sitting on plastic bags for just about 2 weeks now (the tin foil is to keep the cats from scratching peeing on my already soiled couch cusions-Gross I know..but cat understand..)

5. Go to the store and buy a newspaper for the coupons,cabbage and bacon for a new Fried Cabbage Recipe  Im just dying to scarf down...How random is that..

6. Clip the coupons from last weeks sunday paper AND this weeks as well.

7. Begin to put up some Halloweenie decorations (or is that just my last boyfriend trying to escape?)

8. Clean up and organize the spare room which is now my storage space. ( this one is not realistic at all - but its bugging the shizzle out of me like a nasty toothache you let go too long cause you dont have enough balls to go to the dentist and you think it will just take care of itself - in time)

9. Start knitting my first go with the flower I knitted at 1:30 in the morning ( I'm Obsessive when I start something new- I still have to put a bead or button in the middle- it's a work in progress)

10. My final entry: Remind myself that LISTS are BAD!! BAD!!  BAD!! and  NEVER, under any circumstances, should I ever make one again!!

Look at all that crap I need to do..when I just want to sit on my keister, watch football, my favorite on my cell phone..have a few too many beers....but because of this damn list ..IM SCREWED!!!
I know its here..just like the mess in my spare room..and now i have to do these things for fear that some Cosmic List Fairy...may sprinkle more shiz rain down on my head if I dont do the things on this list because I gave life to them..BY WRITING THEM.ON THIS LIST!!  DAMN IT!!

Until Tomorrow..Its All good!


  1. Well, at least you know how to inject humor into your predicament. And aren't we all to some degree, in the same boat. We all have a go-zillion things to do, but instead we sit here on a computer blogging.

    Your ex-boyfriend picture made me literally laugh out loud. Good caption to go with the photo.

    Here's to hoping you make progress with your list.

  2. I hate lists never seem to cross everything off which of course makes me feel like a complete failure. I am so going to grow a kittie zombie though!

  3. Haha, I'm a list-a-holic. I use post-its like it's nobody's business! Just stopping by from SITS :)

    My personal blog:

    I dig your style, and I would love to work with you on creating a new blog design if you are interested!

    Nice to meet you!

  4. I'm the opposite. I write tons of lists and I'm constantly consolidating them. :) I spend more time organizing my lists than I do following them.

  5. Hi there. Happy Saturday SITS Sharefest! I hope you're having a great day. I enjoyed your post. I used to be obsessive about writing to-do lists, until I threw the pad away and freed myself forever! It's a wonderful feeling! Sending smiles. :)


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