Saturday, October 31, 2009

A GoodWill Holiday

From now on, all my Xmas presents will be chosen from Goodwill, various Hospital Auxillary/Church Thrift Stores, a garage sale, shit i dont want anymore or from some other cheap ass side of the road.

Wouldnt that make it easier for everyone and help others at the same time!!!  It's awesome when you think about it...You can be needy, help the needy and give to the needy all at the same time!! Let's stretch it even further and are contributing the "GREEN" movement  by re-gifting and re-cycling slightly used but usually loved by someone with bad taste(not really)..Stuff!!

Im not kidding around either, so all the people who read this that are actually recipients of a gift from me at xmastime..can stop laughing and start hoping they havent pissed me off this year.

And if you are thinking..."Well..she isnt going to get what she wants from me then...that is fine..cause..I dont need anymore STUFF..i have STUFF coming out my Ass...and my ass is HUGE these days!!

Listen, Im not trying to be cheap or bitchy or Grinchy or whatever...Im just kind of fed up and I dont care who knows it anymore.  

I am grateful that my mother actually said to me this year..."I am just going to give you a gift card to a store you like to shop in..instead of buying you all that STUFF you dont really want or need"...OK...GREAT..Im
Psyched!! Let's take it a step farther though,  How about a Gift Certificate to the CASH STORE!!!

HELLO..put the green stuff in a box and wrap it with all that prettty paper you bought last year at 90% off the day after Xmas...Really..hell if you are hung up on me not having the precise amount of  presents to open (I'm 44 and not counting anymore)..wrap up the beans in the increments of your desire in their own separate boxes and I will be happy to open them all and OOH & AHH at each sweet little stinky dollar that is in there which has already been designated for for the FPL,BRIGHTHOUSE and MORTGAGE store.
(Mom and Stan (Dad)...I love you and will be happy just to be with you at the holidays!!)

  OH Can we all sing  "DECK THE HALLS - WITH BEANS OF PAST DUE !!!"" FA LA LA LA LA..oH sCREW yOU!!!

STOP:  Im not really past due ......YET..but if I go to the Mall and buy eveyone what i think they want or need at those stores that run those ads on TV every damn day..that make you feel like a cheap ass if you arent spending your last dime on someone else..I WILL BE PAST DUE !! and Im too smart for that!!!

So's A GOODWILL CHRISTMAS this year ..



  1. Now that's what I call putting everyone in their place. Consider me placed.

    I do agree with you on the gift cards and money. Less "stuff", and you just get what you want.

    I told my family that instead of you spending X amount on me, and me spending the same X amount on you, why don't we not get each other anything and call it even.

    I got the blank stare. LOL.

  2. I am so with you on this. I don't want or need anything. To me, I can buy my kids a couple of presents and be done with it. (They don't need anything either.) My MIL refuses to cooperate with this. She won't even do gift cards for heaven's sake.

  3. We do quite a bit of shopping at Goodwill and the Salvation Army. We also donate to these worthy charities. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    Just Wanted to Give You a Heads Up

  4. AMEN to that! My hubby's family is Christmas Crazy. Why buy all the stuff just to go into debt over it? They refuse to get a gift card even if it's what you want. I have to return everything they get anyway. Crazy! Going to their house over the holidays is like a lesson in materialism. I'm so not used to that!

    Last year I made everyone's gift and only spend like $40. I was like, if you like it great if not whatever...this is what you're getting. I'm not going into debt to buy you some crap you don't even want!

  5. Your holiday cheer is catchy and so is your blog. I am going to follow and grab your button. I'd love if you came and visited me and did the same. You never know what treasure you can find in a goodwill, plus the environment is so relaxing...................


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