Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Parade of Men

As I look back on the Men in my life, I am getting caricature pictures of them in my head. We all try to consolidate the good, the bad and the ugly into something we can make sense of and then move here is my Halloween Parade of Men.

The Husband - 1989-1993

Met at a party, 2 weeks later we moved in together, got married 8 months later, had a daughter 9 months after that, Divorced in 3 years. Not much more to say here than thanks for Kate, the best thing in my life.

The New Boyfriend/Fiance 1993-2001
The Charmer

Charismatic, entertaining and exciting..Think Humphrey Bogart/Frank Sinatra  with the bad reputation and behaviors of Jack Nicholson. This guy did it all..he could dance..and I mean ..tap dance, play the drums and he could sing too. God was he fun..but what a heartbreak it was when it ended.

The Bachelor #1 - 2005-2007
Pirate Bastard

Sailor who drank too much and loved the ocean. We were perfect together.
A northerner ..thank god..and we had the bahamas in common as well.
Couldnt make a decision, sabateur,white lie teller and overall neurotic mess. Two needy people..who couldnt make it happen for one another no matter how hard we tried.

The Bachelor #2 - 2007-2008

What a doll...we both loved sports and had work in common too.
So nice and sweet and caring...but had a dark side I was unaware of.
Big Crisis..Chaos ensued..I got dumped without getting dumped..still friends but act as if we never had a relationship. Very weird and frustrating..he is still a bachelor and I am still confused.

The Bachelor #1 - 2008 - Current (that is questionable)
The Pirate Bastard AGAIN!

Yes..I know..its that love hate thing...We hate to love each other and we Love to Hate each other. Right now ..I hate to love him and he loves to hate me! We switch back and forth...absolutely intervention is needed.

So now I am at the point where I dont have any Boyfriends..meaning men i have intimate relationships with ..Only male friends that i know from work.
One in particular is the reason why this post has been created. I wrote this figure out some way of putting the words BUCK WILD into my blog. So here it goes.

The Business Associate 200?-current (not sure when we were in Lauderdale with your old friends)
BUCK WILD (this pic is actually a real costume named Buck Wild)

This particular man is married and we are friends/business associates and that is ALL!! He has been married for a zillion years and I am so in awe of that! He is the reason why I started My Best Day Ever..because he was the one who reached out and offered me help. He is a positive force and a wonderful friend. We have the most hilarious business lunches and we need to have more. Buck Wild is his wishful thinking, wannabe Porn Star name. He makes us call him that! Even his guy friends...or what he lovingly refers to them as his

Get out of that man cave, take off the manzier, Festivus is upon us ..lets Party!!! This ones for you Buck!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sausage in Polish Sauce

This is one of my favorite Polish recipes!!
I have made this for over 15 years now to rave reviews.
It's a great alternative to Chili on a cold,blustery day
Served with a warm pumpernickel bread..
Sheer Perfection!


2 onions, sliced
3 TBS Butter or  Margerine
Ring of Polish Sausage ( about 1-1/2#)
1-1/2 C beef bouillon
12 Ounce of Beer (yeah)
2 TBS Flour
1 TBS White Vinegar
2 tsp brown sugar
3/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
4 to 6 Boiled Potatoes

Saute the onions in 2 TBS of butter until golden.

Add Sausage, Bouillon and Beer
Any kind of beer you have on hand works!
Simmer for 20 minutes

Blend flour in to remaing 1 TBS of Butter

Stir into pan. Add vinegar, brown sugar,s&p.
Add Potatoes.
Cook over Medium heat 10-14 minutes

Serve it up with a brown bread or any kind you like


The Sunday Cyber "Im Screwed" List 11-1-09

Its Sunday...and I have been sitting on my butt now for a day and a half. This month I spent 4 days having a garage sale with my business partner, Alanna..The first weekend we attempted this we managed to put out eveything we dont want to own anymore, for about an hour before the heavens decided to open up and cleanse of our sins, our stuff and any money to be made that day!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A GoodWill Holiday

From now on, all my Xmas presents will be chosen from Goodwill, various Hospital Auxillary/Church Thrift Stores, a garage sale, shit i dont want anymore or from some other cheap ass side of the road.

Wouldnt that make it easier for everyone and help others at the same time!!!  It's awesome when you think about it...You can be needy, help the needy and give to the needy all at the same time!! Let's stretch it even further and are contributing the "GREEN" movement  by re-gifting and re-cycling slightly used but usually loved by someone with bad taste(not really)..Stuff!!

Im not kidding around either, so all the people who read this that are actually recipients of a gift from me at xmastime..can stop laughing and start hoping they havent pissed me off this year.

And if you are thinking..."Well..she isnt going to get what she wants from me then...that is fine..cause..I dont need anymore STUFF..i have STUFF coming out my Ass...and my ass is HUGE these days!!

Listen, Im not trying to be cheap or bitchy or Grinchy or whatever...Im just kind of fed up and I dont care who knows it anymore.  

I am grateful that my mother actually said to me this year..."I am just going to give you a gift card to a store you like to shop in..instead of buying you all that STUFF you dont really want or need"...OK...GREAT..Im
Psyched!! Let's take it a step farther though,  How about a Gift Certificate to the CASH STORE!!!

HELLO..put the green stuff in a box and wrap it with all that prettty paper you bought last year at 90% off the day after Xmas...Really..hell if you are hung up on me not having the precise amount of  presents to open (I'm 44 and not counting anymore)..wrap up the beans in the increments of your desire in their own separate boxes and I will be happy to open them all and OOH & AHH at each sweet little stinky dollar that is in there which has already been designated for for the FPL,BRIGHTHOUSE and MORTGAGE store.
(Mom and Stan (Dad)...I love you and will be happy just to be with you at the holidays!!)

  OH Can we all sing  "DECK THE HALLS - WITH BEANS OF PAST DUE !!!"" FA LA LA LA LA..oH sCREW yOU!!!

STOP:  Im not really past due ......YET..but if I go to the Mall and buy eveyone what i think they want or need at those stores that run those ads on TV every damn day..that make you feel like a cheap ass if you arent spending your last dime on someone else..I WILL BE PAST DUE !! and Im too smart for that!!!

So's A GOODWILL CHRISTMAS this year ..


SAD Six Word Saturday


Cut the Ties

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mojo Chicken with Black Beans and Rice

I love cuban food. Living in Florida I have grown accustomed to it. That is one good thing they do down here! Cuban Food.  Of course, I can only do what a single white female is capabale of..and that is the generic , easy version of Mojo marinated Chicken with canned black beans and Uncle Bens white rice.

Single Girls Pizza

If you read my blog, you know Im single..woohoo.
I love pizza but I am also extremely picky about the
pizza I eat.I am from New York..the place of
the Pizza Gods. There is no better place on
this earth to find a slice of pizza
that can actually make you cry out in pleasure
and in pain at the same time..
(think greasy/salty/yummy and HOT)

The Sunday Cyber "Im Screwed" List 10/11/09

Well Im already screwed today, I took a tylenol pm last night and didnt get up until 10:30 this morning. Added to me waking up so late..I think a neighbor rang my doorbell but Im just not sure..things were kind of hazy this AM..but if they did..they are probably either pissed that I didnt answer the door or worried that I fell down and cant get up...either way...Im screwed.

Anyhoo..I want to give you an update on last Sunday's Screwed List ( these are the things I actually got done):

      **wrote the blog
      **picked up the paper,cut out and organized the coupons
      **unpacked my suitcase and swepts up the kitty zombies and as an added bonus, made my bed .  This bedspread I usually have folded away and  the pillows stacked on top of the purple ottomon on the side of my dresser.  I cant sleep with this bedspread because it is DRY CLEAN ONLY and my cheap and dirty ass isnt paying for that!  But it looks so nice!!!
    **put the covers back on the couch cushions just so my cats, Clementine and Spirit can get them full of their hair and bodily fluids all over again.. ( i left the plastic on the a precaution)
    **Decorated for Halloween - The first pic are pumpkins I made in Ceramics Class that I took with my mom in my early twenties..I have named them after people that look like them..some I know and one I wish I never had heard of... from left to right ..George (not Bush), Barrry and Joe Biden (the little guy in the middle has no name)
    **Cleaned up the storage room - all the cardboard boxes and bags you see in the front are all going to be in  a yard sale this coming weekend..and there is some great stuff in there i have been hauling around for the last 15 years...its PURGE TIME!!
    **I started knitting the Scarflette to go with the flower I made last week...its coming along but Im still a novice and have to rip out rows and rows of screw ups!!  But I wont give up!
    Well that was the update from last weeks Sunday Cyber Im Screwed List. Not bad huh..this cyber list thing is actually working for me!!  This week Im only going to add a couple of things as I will be busy preparing for the garage sale.
    1. Clean OUT the cats boxes...which doesnt mean scoop the poop means empty that nasty litter and throw it away and hose out the boxes...I HATE HATE HATE this Job!!!  thank god there is no Smell-O-Vision yet!!
    2. Clean the Kitty Lanai
    3. Go through my outside storage area for garage sale items and organize it when Im done!
So Thats all for this Sunday's List...the best part about the Sunday Cyber Im Screwed that it takes me so long to post it...I dont have any time to start anything I get an extra what I mean about getting myself out of things.....I dont even have to just comes naturally!!

Have A Super Sunday everyone and a Great Week!!

Until Tomorrow..Its All Good!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday 13: Red Sox Love

After seeing the Thursday 13 over at Matty Thoughts, I had to post my own in honor of  the Red Sox..big night for them tonite..and its hard to pay attention to the game and do this at the same time. If there are alot of typos know why!!  Thanks Matty for inspiring this post.
















Monday, October 5, 2009

I am a Weener!!!

I can't put it off any catholic guilt is getting to me.

A wonderful thing has happened!

Not ONE but TWO awesome bloggers have bestowed upon me an Award!!

All in a matter of 3 days!!

I am soooo not worthy!!!  but..ahem..I am honored that they like what I write about and actually signed up to read more!!!  I bow down and kiss their blogger rings in absolute gratitude!

Thank you a million times to  Allison at Life of a Tater Tot Mom  and Angela at Angela's Soliloquy
for giving me the "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD"

As with the bestowing of any crown ( think..Miss Usa  ...err.. Maybe not) there are rules that must be adhered to: The rule is to choose 15 other bloggers "I have newly discovered" and pass this award on
to them. Hmmm..this might pose a problem as I am a virgin blogger myself..and basically hang out with the
more seasoned bloggers to copy their ideas  gain insight and learn as much as I can about the blogging community.  Fifteen is alot to ask of a newbie...and no promises..but I will do my best!

1. Itkuplli  (Kirsi) at *Cute 'n' Cool Backrounds*  I spent so much time looking at all her beautiful art before I chose my FREE took me forever..all her work is awesome. She truly is a digital artist and she is a great help to newbies with her Tutorials Page..without which I would never have been able to figure out  just about everything, on my own.

2. Julie at Aprons by Julie she has the prettiest pink blog and the Aprons are FaBulOuS!! I mean RETro cHIc!!!  I just love them!!  All handmade in beautiful colors and patterns, reversible idea is to wear them with a tank top underneath with a pair of Skinny Jeans...Why Not!! Dare to be Different..These are not your Standard Hum Drum Aprons!!!  She is also Giving Away an Apron a Week to a lucky Go there !!

3. Matty at Matty's Thoughts who has  been the best blogging buddy to me!! Everytime I post , he is there with a helpful, supportive comment. He is a funny writer and a family man.. Check out his Dear John Post..It
cracked me up..I still think about it and I read it awhile ago...Thanks Matty for all your support and kindness.

4. Ina at  iNa  She is new to blogging just like me but she is open and honest and writes about her trials in this ever changing economy and her wish to find love...something we have all experienced at one time or another..Show her some Love ..and visit.

5. Jeannette at But The Wheels Fell Off  another lovely lady new to the blogging community..but boy can she write...and she writes about alot of people and places I know.. we are related by an indirect marriage of cousins....funny and sweet, heartwarming and ridiculous..she has got it all.

Well folks..I would be feverishly searching through blogs to find Newly Discovered blogs  to give a random award too...but like I said, most of the blogs I have been following since I started a month and half ago are well established and already have this award... and apparently some people get peeved when they are given an I am going to end the lovefest here.

On to my second round of thanks-- I won A GiveAway Contest too!!

The lovely ladies at  Mermaids of the Lake chose my name out of many entries
to win this fabulous bracelet !!  I can't tell you how excited I am to recieve this beauty.
The mermaids are a trio of awesome, creative women with an informative and fun check
out the gals as soon as you can!!

So let me say this a few more times:

Danke!  Dziekuje! Gracias!  Kiitos! Merci!