Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Sunday Cyber "Im Screwed" List 10/11/09

Well Im already screwed today, I took a tylenol pm last night and didnt get up until 10:30 this morning. Added to me waking up so late..I think a neighbor rang my doorbell but Im just not sure..things were kind of hazy this AM..but if they did..they are probably either pissed that I didnt answer the door or worried that I fell down and cant get up...either way...Im screwed.

Anyhoo..I want to give you an update on last Sunday's Screwed List ( these are the things I actually got done):

      **wrote the blog
      **picked up the paper,cut out and organized the coupons
      **unpacked my suitcase and swepts up the kitty zombies and as an added bonus, made my bed .  This bedspread I usually have folded away and  the pillows stacked on top of the purple ottomon on the side of my dresser.  I cant sleep with this bedspread because it is DRY CLEAN ONLY and my cheap and dirty ass isnt paying for that!  But it looks so nice!!!
    **put the covers back on the couch cushions just so my cats, Clementine and Spirit can get them full of their hair and bodily fluids all over again.. ( i left the plastic on the a precaution)
    **Decorated for Halloween - The first pic are pumpkins I made in Ceramics Class that I took with my mom in my early twenties..I have named them after people that look like them..some I know and one I wish I never had heard of... from left to right ..George (not Bush), Barrry and Joe Biden (the little guy in the middle has no name)
    **Cleaned up the storage room - all the cardboard boxes and bags you see in the front are all going to be in  a yard sale this coming weekend..and there is some great stuff in there i have been hauling around for the last 15 years...its PURGE TIME!!
    **I started knitting the Scarflette to go with the flower I made last week...its coming along but Im still a novice and have to rip out rows and rows of screw ups!!  But I wont give up!
    Well that was the update from last weeks Sunday Cyber Im Screwed List. Not bad huh..this cyber list thing is actually working for me!!  This week Im only going to add a couple of things as I will be busy preparing for the garage sale.
    1. Clean OUT the cats boxes...which doesnt mean scoop the poop means empty that nasty litter and throw it away and hose out the boxes...I HATE HATE HATE this Job!!!  thank god there is no Smell-O-Vision yet!!
    2. Clean the Kitty Lanai
    3. Go through my outside storage area for garage sale items and organize it when Im done!
So Thats all for this Sunday's List...the best part about the Sunday Cyber Im Screwed that it takes me so long to post it...I dont have any time to start anything I get an extra what I mean about getting myself out of things.....I dont even have to just comes naturally!!

Have A Super Sunday everyone and a Great Week!!

Until Tomorrow..Its All Good!!


  1. Hey Laura!

    I looove those pumpkins with the faces. Too cool! I love all your decorations. You did a great job!

    I don't miss doing that full-on cleaning of the litter boxes. I always hated that job. But, after it's all done it's so worth it! :)

    Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. Good luck with your list!

  2. You made those pumpkins?? Dang girl, you got some talent!! I love them! I am also so jealous you got so much done! I'm too busy blogging to get anything done around here!!

  3. Laura,

    First, nice touch adding those changes to your sidebar. Go Sox. But I'm not so sure you're a siren, but then again, who am I to say, since I only know you here.

    Glad to see that you've developed a system for getting things done. And I like how you set priorities, as in "wrote the blog" is first.

    I agree. That bedspread sure is nice. How nice of you to invite all of us into your bedroom (wink). You're a brave one.

    Fortunately, I don't get involved in cleaning up after the 2 cats here. The kids have that job.

    The decorations look great....and scary. I can imagine the silhouette of those spiders with a light on. Scary!

    What is that body of water outside your patio?

  4. I miss it down there sometimes, but it's so cold up here right now and I love it. Fall is beautiful in this part of the country, and this winter we'll actually have snow.

  5. Hi, visiting from SITS. Those pumpkins are so cool. There is an artist in a town nearby that sells pieces that remind me of those pumpkins. I wish I knew the web address for him, he sells them nationwide. The artist's name is George Carruth. Some of his pieces are kind of expensive, but they are really similar to yours.

  6. WOW! I feel like a HUGE lazybutt after reading that! I also have two cats (mother and daughter) but I use the clumping litter and it works AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by...and about the decent guy, it took me 28 years to find one...dumb boys!


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