Monday, October 5, 2009

I am a Weener!!!

I can't put it off any catholic guilt is getting to me.

A wonderful thing has happened!

Not ONE but TWO awesome bloggers have bestowed upon me an Award!!

All in a matter of 3 days!!

I am soooo not worthy!!!  but..ahem..I am honored that they like what I write about and actually signed up to read more!!!  I bow down and kiss their blogger rings in absolute gratitude!

Thank you a million times to  Allison at Life of a Tater Tot Mom  and Angela at Angela's Soliloquy
for giving me the "ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD"

As with the bestowing of any crown ( think..Miss Usa  ...err.. Maybe not) there are rules that must be adhered to: The rule is to choose 15 other bloggers "I have newly discovered" and pass this award on
to them. Hmmm..this might pose a problem as I am a virgin blogger myself..and basically hang out with the
more seasoned bloggers to copy their ideas  gain insight and learn as much as I can about the blogging community.  Fifteen is alot to ask of a newbie...and no promises..but I will do my best!

1. Itkuplli  (Kirsi) at *Cute 'n' Cool Backrounds*  I spent so much time looking at all her beautiful art before I chose my FREE took me forever..all her work is awesome. She truly is a digital artist and she is a great help to newbies with her Tutorials Page..without which I would never have been able to figure out  just about everything, on my own.

2. Julie at Aprons by Julie she has the prettiest pink blog and the Aprons are FaBulOuS!! I mean RETro cHIc!!!  I just love them!!  All handmade in beautiful colors and patterns, reversible idea is to wear them with a tank top underneath with a pair of Skinny Jeans...Why Not!! Dare to be Different..These are not your Standard Hum Drum Aprons!!!  She is also Giving Away an Apron a Week to a lucky Go there !!

3. Matty at Matty's Thoughts who has  been the best blogging buddy to me!! Everytime I post , he is there with a helpful, supportive comment. He is a funny writer and a family man.. Check out his Dear John Post..It
cracked me up..I still think about it and I read it awhile ago...Thanks Matty for all your support and kindness.

4. Ina at  iNa  She is new to blogging just like me but she is open and honest and writes about her trials in this ever changing economy and her wish to find love...something we have all experienced at one time or another..Show her some Love ..and visit.

5. Jeannette at But The Wheels Fell Off  another lovely lady new to the blogging community..but boy can she write...and she writes about alot of people and places I know.. we are related by an indirect marriage of cousins....funny and sweet, heartwarming and ridiculous..she has got it all.

Well folks..I would be feverishly searching through blogs to find Newly Discovered blogs  to give a random award too...but like I said, most of the blogs I have been following since I started a month and half ago are well established and already have this award... and apparently some people get peeved when they are given an I am going to end the lovefest here.

On to my second round of thanks-- I won A GiveAway Contest too!!

The lovely ladies at  Mermaids of the Lake chose my name out of many entries
to win this fabulous bracelet !!  I can't tell you how excited I am to recieve this beauty.
The mermaids are a trio of awesome, creative women with an informative and fun check
out the gals as soon as you can!!

So let me say this a few more times:

Danke!  Dziekuje! Gracias!  Kiitos! Merci!



  1. Congratulation! and thank you for thinking about me, I feel honored.

  2. Hi! Came over from Matty's blog and love yours! I love love love your background! Fantastic! I think I will have to follow and be warned...I comment...lots!

  3. Laura,

    First....thanks so much for the award. It isn't the hardware that impresses me, as much as the fact that you even considered me.

    I'm here to help you have the Best Day Ever.

    P.S. I acknowledged you in my blog.

  4. I hopped over here from Matty's place. Congrats on your awards. Your blog is simply stunning! I love it!

  5. Congrats on you awards..Glad we finally connected.
    Holly @ 504 Main

  6. Congrats (and you *are* worthy)

  7. hey laura.. a million thanks to this gift.. i just saw it now because it's been awhile that i have not visit my blog.. this means a lot.. honest.. thanks again..


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