Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The 2nd Day - Where is that Business Card????

After having the Best Day Ever yesterday...i was looking forward to my Best Day Ever today.

I slept well...not as well as the night before...i was anxious for the next day to come so I could experience yet again..the good feelings my positive attitude brought me.

I got up at 6 AM...after telling myself at 3, 4 and 5 ..that 6 would be OK..and i could consider it time well spent relaxing.

I once again swung my legs over the side of the bed...with the same excitement as yesterday and declared to the closet full of clothes that dont fit me anymore...This is going to be the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Now the question was...
Where do I focus my energies today??? Yesterday was spent basically telling myself and everyone around me that I was going to have the BDE (best day tired of typing from now on...BDE) So I decided that today I would not only focus on having the BDE but muster up a little energy for diet and exercise as well.

Now if you know me, you know that these two things are EVIL in my book. As much as they love me...I absolutley do not love them. My relationship with diet and exercise is a one way the closest pizza and beer joint. So I think , How do I handle this ?? How do I affect a positive outcome with only a positve attitude? I know i need much more than that to see any results. So to kill some more time before the light bulb goes on...i read my horoscope on facebook, hoping for some much needed guidance...and to my amazement it basically states that there is absolutely no better time to get off my fat ass , put down the beer and get to the gym and even hire a trainer if I can't be trusted. I cannot be trusted. That Settles it!!

Here's the rub though....i have been talking about doing this for over 2 months. Actually had a session with an awesome health and wellness trainer back in July..who had a great plan that pretty much set me up for success which i was very excited about ( i knew I was excited because i didnt whine very much at all when she told me it would take 5 months to lose 30 pounds ..the healthy way...even though in the back of my mind i was scheming how i could cut it down to 3 months by only eating String cheese and would she know???) Well as the saying goes, why do today what you can do tomorrow?...I think today is now confused, Im caught in a vicious cycle ...I have to start somewhere......but where......?????

I have the trainers business card.....somewhere... I have looked all over for it....NO this a sign? I think it now i have to call the gym......I really dont want to..i cant remember the womans now i have to GO to the gym. This entails a small degree of exertion along with a super-sized portion of guilt because you know I am going there with my high heels and jeans on..just looking to talk to someone who's name and possibly face I cannot remember. This is not looking very positive...but I have FAITH...I love gets me through the myriad of crap i force on myself.......anyway....

It does not take long for me to decide that today will NOT be the day i start my health and wellness routine...but i have sufficiently topped off the guilt tank and doused myself with enough accountability by posting this blog that the weekend is looking pretty good for a start date/dates ...i might be commitment phobic for all I know....I will have to work on that now too....ahhh the heart is bursting...

Now if i could only find that DAMN Business card....ooooh it under that 12 pack of Bud Light Lime?? NO WORRIES...this day will STILL be the BDE!! (notice the positive attitude--Seriously)

Until Tomorrow... Its All Good!!

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  1. Hope it ended up being a great day for you :)

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!


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