Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The First Day

Well..its the first day of My Best Day Ever...and so far its been pretty good!! To be Honest My Best Day Ever really started last night before i went to bed. A friend of mine had asked me to watch "The Secret" he said it would change my life....
Hmmmm...being the habitually cynical and negative person that I am thought....what a waste of time...i could be watching reruns of Frasier...(which can be pretty insightful on a full stomach of quacamole and chips at 11:00 at night) but..i decided to heed my friends request and popped the DVD in.

As I painted my fingers and toes "Pixie Pretty" High Definition Green...I learned about all the benefits that Positive thinking and visualization could bring my way. I was skeptical and i wont lie..i scoffed and chuckled at a few things..and thought ( negatively) that it was all beeswax...but then I checked myself and said WAIT..be positive about it...so I exercised my rarely used positive thoughts and made it through the dvd without screwing up my paint job or thinking i had wasted my time.

So herein lies the reason not only for the creation of My Best Day Ever Blog..but the reason why, so far, this is my best day ever... ( at least until I started last night).

I started small...my first happy, positive thought.."I'm going to get a great nights sleep!" ( big smile on my face, all tucked into the big cushy bed i share with no one...looking forward to my best day ever) to my surprise..I SLEPT GREAT!!! ( at the risk of being negative...i rarely ever sleep Great...always awful...but not anymore!) I woke up..recklessly swung my legs over the bed, jumped up and said...woohoo..its gonna be The Best Day Ever!!!!!!! Im going to be HAPPY, Im going to be GRATEFUL and I am going to sell ALOT OF CEMENT!!! ( side note: I own an building materials export company)

I write on my Facebook..." THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY EVER!!! and my phone immediately starts ringing...my sister wants to know if I got "Lucky" last night...I Laugh (now that would be some serious POSITIVE thinking) I look down at my computer and My business partners husband has questioned "exactly what goes on in that office when I am at work?" ( If he only knew..snicker) and another Facebook dear friend has decided ..there was no other excuse for my good tidings..other than Getting Lucky...soooo...I have decided that I did GET LUCKY last night...and I will be getting LUCKY for the rest of my life.

I then go to my office and greet my business partner..Grace..with a big smile which makes me look and feel like Howdy Frikin Doody..but hey..IM HAPPY...she tells me we just sold a good chunk of Cement..now IM VERY HAPPY...so i sit her down and apologize for being the biggest bitch ever for the last 6 years or so..give or take a year...and let her in on MY SECRET...she doesnt laugh at me..she just SMILES..which is a good sign...SHE LIKES IT!!! Then she proceeds to unload on me about how NOT HAPPY she has been with the business and her Partner (me-OUCH) , we make amends.Then we vow to do THE BEST WE CAN and MOVE ON to OUR BEST DAY EVER....which so far it has been.

If you have read this far...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! This is my first attempt at Blogging not Boring.....and i intend to continue writing about my BEST DAY EVER...not saying i will always be perky and happy but i am going to try to keep the good vibes going.....
Until tomorrow..



  1. Wonderful on ya Laura, maybe I’ll try the same thing tonight while sitting in the hot tub, Rik

  2. Well, I don't know the past, but you've provided a small glimpse into it. Sounds like something hit you and you've woken up and seen the light.

    Good for you! And everyone around you.

    I'll support you on your daily journey to have the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE.

    P.S. Cement?


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