Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 17: Bad Girls

Forgive me Blogger, for I have sinned.
I have not written anything in 10 days!!!

For my penance, I shall drink 2 Bud Light Limes and watch Flipping Out on Bravo..aaahhhh..forgiveness is good and I am grateful.

Being grateful is very important to having your BDE as it promotes that feeling of happiness and goodness that lurks deep inside..( or at least its pretty deep in me) so with that being said:

What I am grateful for  is my my best friend in the entire galaxy!!!
She lives in Connecticut and I live in Florida.
I received a text from her Wednesday afternoon and it went like this:

"Hey, just heard  Bad Girls on the radio  of course makes me think of you..miss you so much"
We are so different ..she is nice and I am caustic.  She is sweet and I am sour.  She is quiet and well compared to me , anyone is quiet. Let me put it this way..she possess all the qualities I do not have and I can only hope some of her goodness rubs off on me..Im sure it has..its just slightly diluted.

Debbie is her name, but I like to call her my Angel on this Earth. We have been friends since September of 1979. I was 14 and she was 15 when we met in highschool.  I was the new girl ..with a "huge chip on my shoulder" and Deb made it her mission to knock it off.  Well I don't know if she succeeded in knocking off  what was really a concrete boulder  ..which if you knew me actually makes my right shoulder dip about 4 inches lower than my left ...but actuallly grew to love me and that large boulder equally.

Val (debs sister),Laura and Deb

We spent many,many,many friday nights smoking cigarettes ( she taught me how to inhale and I almost died at the local deli of embarrassement when I turned purple because I couldnt breathe!!) drinking quarts of Miller (all i needed was the beer cap back then..she drank the rest)  behind the Binnekill Square Restaurant,

I'm in the Germany Shirt-I'm Polish Actually

 freezing our asses off outside that same deli waiting for the HOT guys to drive by and basically just growing up together. I remember when her and her sister Val ( my other BFF) got into the Honor Society and I didnt. We all had the same good grades and joined all the same clubs..( we are the ones with halos over our heads...and i DID NOT put them there...they just appeared....Really!!)

but Deb told me I didnt get in because the other members all thought I was a loud mouth. I will never forget that...she told me right to my face..without judgement or was just a fact...I was a BIG MOUTH and that was just the way it was...ok.. so it was true..still is..SO one ever messed with me or my friends.

We graduated High School in June of  1982. I cant even believe how old we are now...god that sucks...but I digress.. I was 16 she was 18.  I went to Plattsburgh State way up in the friken coldest part of NY by the Canadian border and she went to Mohawk Valley..which is not as north but still frikin cold ..(deb hates the cold by the way and is sooo jealous I live in florida)  At some point in highschool I thought we had decided to go to the Fashion Institute in NY together..but that memory is really hazy...not sure if its even true..but..I think it is. Deb was voted Best Dressed and something else ..Nicest person ever to Grace this Earth..something like that....and I held no title at all..atleast none they would print in a yearbook.

We went our separate ways for years...we wrote each other in college, visited on our breaks during Thanksgiving and Christmas and basically touched base every once in a while just to make sure the other person was still alive.  I have to tell matter how many years  it was in between was like we had just talked the day before..Time had and still has no bearing on our friendship. We have the truest and purest form a "friendship" can manifest.  I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful for this friendship I am but I am trying.

Through the years,we had both gone through tough times , Debbie, worse than I......but in 1989 I got married.

She was a bridesmaid in my wedding.

Val, Nancy and Deb

She ran out to meet me when i arrived at the reception with a cocktail in hand made especially for me...(I hadn't even gotten out of that damn horse and carriage ..stupid mermaid wedding dress) She was that good!! That is a True Friend right there!! I never needed a drink more than at that moment.

That year we actually lived in the same town in Connecticut for the first time since was heaven!!!  She had gotten married a month or two before me ..we spent our honeymooner months together..which quickly turned into our first (and only for both of us) pregnancies.  How awesome is that..we had our babies together..went to our doctors appointments together ( Dr. Bhagat..we love you ),got fat together ( well I got fat, 42 xtra pounds, deb was like 24lbs is it that I dont hate her?) when she felt sick, I puked... we had our babies 9 days apart. Two beautiful girls..Kaitlin Sarah (mine) and Cassondra Lacy (hers)..

Kate and Cass

Cass and Kate

Life was good.  

Then I moved.
In a span of about 3 or 4 years we both got divorced  and we went our separate ways again ...this time for years and years.  Occasional phone calls to determine if we were both still OK ensued..and that was fine. 

In 2005 we hooked up in South Florida for  a few days of fun in the sun!!

Val, Deb and Laura

 It was awesome , I had not seen Deb or her sister Val in , well I cant even tell you how long it had been...I'm guessing..6-8 years..something like since 1998 or so.  We were like 3 teenagers all over again..time stood still.  The Anejo flowed (rum) and the time gap closed indefinately once more.

Since that time, Deb and I have kept in touch and have become closer than we ever have been.  I know she thinks of me as often as I do her....I have been to her place for Thanksgiving and just this past August we spent an amazing 4 days together will all our old friends from up north at the best party I have ever been to..its was a Lovefest from start to finish!!

                                              Deb, Laura and Val

Laura and Deb - August 2009

 Every moment we spend together makes it harder for me and I know her say goodbye..I swear if we were lesbians..we would have never left each other's side since 1979. But alas, we are not.... just two boy crazy girls are what we will always be!!

Even though we are apart..our friendship has no boundaries. When I am down, I think of her...when I am lonely , I think of her..when I am happy, I think of her, when I hear Donna Summer, I think of her...basically I think of her every damn day ...and sometimes that is all it takes to get me through the tough spots. There has never been and never will be a woman in this world that could be to me what she is...My Best Friend and My own personal Angel on this Earth. There are very few things I am certain of in this life but this I know for sure:
Our Friendship has no end.When we no longer reside on this earth, we will be Best Friend Angels in heaven. YES I SAID HEAVEN!!

Now, for those of you who dont know, Bad Girls is a song by the Fabulous Donna Summer

..and Yes, its about hookers.. Deb and I were never  hookers, are currently NOT hookers and have no plans to be hookers in the future ...but we loved that song and made it our own..we were Bad Girls for many years together, we still are  and I look forward to many more years of badness you are missing your own Bad Girl  or need something to pick you up out of your hum drum everyday existence, send that BFF a text message..and make it her BDE and Yours too!!! 

Until Tomorrow....Its All Good!!

Debbie Dee Doobie:
I love you and miss you more than words can express!!
Believe me , this blog doesnt do my feelings for  you any justice..but I tried.
Text me!!!
Laura Lee Loobie


  1. I have a friend exactly like that and I am also eternally grateful!! Thanks for reminding me how special she is and how lucky I am to have her. Thanks Sharon

  2. I love it but you need to to embed the bad girls song earlier in the post so you can listen to it while you read. I loved your post and you are a very talented writer. I think you may have missed your calling or maybe not. I am now currently married to my favorite writer. She can write her ass off. Checkout her most recent column about breastfeeding.

  3. Laura,

    What a well written, heartfelt article. Your feeling for Deb are loud and clear. It's obvious that she means the world to you. A great story that tells a lot about you.

    Welcome back!

  4. Wow...what a tribute to Deb!

    I do not know if it is because I know both of you or what but, It made my heart swell as i read it...I have a friend i feel the same way about and although we went mwany years out of contact we're together now and reading your blog reminded me how special she is to me...


  5. This is so sweet. Good friends really are hard to come by and it's like you two were just meant to be. It's too bad you don't live closer to one another!!


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