Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The First Day-- add on

I drove home from the office...HAPPY....looking forward to a
a nice cold, Rum'n Diet Coke ...stopped, picked up my mail.....bill..no problem,
bill..no problem, flyer...cool...Postcard...Hmmmmmm...interesting.

I received a postcard from a guy friend..who I assumed, had wiped all traces
of me out of every dusty, cob-webbed recess of his mind as we had had a fight
last week and are both stubborn enough not to ring each other up in.. ( and you have to say this with your SANDLOT voice) FOR-EV-VER....

The postcard was writing side up...Greetings From ____ Happy Birthday!.....Love..my friend..
On the Front of the postcard were all the things I hold so close to my heart and love soo much, the New England Coastline, Sailboats, Green, lush trees , silky grass and a Baseball field...BE STILL MY HEART!!! It was PERFECT...except that my birthday isnt for a couple of weeks yet..but..hey..Thanks for remembering Early!!!! ... Well, of course, I had to make the call..knowing full well this postcard had been picked out intentionally with the end result being me dialing his cell phone knowing I had been HAD.

It made me happy, it made him happy....and I am Grateful for that...let bygones be bygones..and move on.
Thank you my friend for adding to my BEST DAY EVER!!

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