Friday, September 25, 2009

Leave A Message

From now get what you give...

Whenever I have missed a call and someone takes the time to leave a message, I do my best to call
back within a reasonable period of time. Reasonable being within 1 day..depending on what time the call came in. Mostly I call back the same day. I don't like to I'm sure others dont care for it either.
Now, that policy is purely for the standard phone call. Nothing pressing. No emergenices. The person left a brief message...and just wants a call back. No Problem..speed dial baby, I'm on it.

Now, when you are in some kind of altercation, argument or highly-charged situation with another person..a  call back is MANDATORY..within and hour or two of receiveing their message. If circumstances are beyond your dead, have just been assigned to the Federal Witness Protection Program or your dog ate your phone...48 hours then becomes acceptable for either your parole officer, your last known friend or the Vet to return your message for you....BUT  if you are self-employed, playing tennis or being a soon as you are done..the call should be made..OR better yet...when you KNOW you  NEED   to make the call..DO IT BEFORE you go play tennis, go drinking or whatever lame ass excuse you think will get you out of being a decent, responsible and accountable human being.

Obviously, this is personal..Obviously, I'm a little Peeved. I am an adult and I try to behave like one..but damn its hard not to stomp my feet and scream  like a Bridezilla left at the altar when I am dealing with an immature,egomaniacal,conversationally-challenged, waayyyy past middle-age still thinking he's 20, walking around in a Social Coma MAN.  (this is not looking good for me)

So from now on..leave a message..I will call you back...eventually!!!

Yes, I'm complaining...I'm going against a Cardinal Rule of MY BDE..but I'm still learning.

My energy is being wasted..but the bad energy is also being expelled.....big sigh....

Until Tomorrow...It's All Good

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