Monday, September 14, 2009

Innocence Remembered

In 2000, my daughter Kate and I  lived in Long Island, NY and would always get excited to see the skyline on our travels in and out of the city. She would point out all the beautiful buildings and my boyfriend and I would quiz her on their names. This is what she made me for Christmas that year.

Construction paper and chalk were never more beautiful. I loved them then and now they are even more special.

Katie's Day-Night View of our beautiful City

Since I purposely did not address 9/11 on 9/11
This is a way to do so now which instead of pain brings only great Joy!
Ps. Kate..I love you a million times bigger than the sky!!
Do good in school
Wear your seatbelt 
Brush your teeth

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  1. Blog hopping already, what beautiful pictures! Very special.

  2. Came over, while I am waiting to enter my post for the blog hop...

    Yes, what a special work of art that your daughter made for you. It is amazing to think what all has transpired since 9/11.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (also, I love your background for your blog... did you design it yourself?
    ...since I've been called in for more fill in "free" time for blogging and blog reading is less...a bit sad about that... since I am fairly new to blogging, I have had such fun with it....learning constantly!)

  3. They're beautiful and I'm sure even more special than they were originally!

  4. I am here from a Blog Hope! This was a great theame!

    You created a beautiful memorial

  5. Very beautiful artwork!
    Your daughter is very talented =]

    Happy Hopping!

  6. I love this. She is talented, and you are going to be her best encourager!

  7. What a special treat she gave you. Little did anyone know how special they would become. Thank goodness you kept them.

  8. Wow what a lovely picture. I hope I get something this cool from my daughter when she learns to draw. Very nice!

  9. My Daughter is totally cool...i still have alot of the art she made me when she was young..i never threw anything out. Thanks for all your great sure she will be happy to read them!!

  10. "Do good in school
    Wear your seatbelt
    Brush your teeth"

    Very good advice, actually - and she has nice skill! Very pretty.


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