Thursday, September 17, 2009

THURSDAY 13: Rum n Coke

I love Cocktails.
Since I live in what is considered to be a sub-tropical paradise....
I have come to love the Classic...RUM AND COKE


13 Things I Love about RUM and COKE

1.Bacardi Anejo RUM..please..what else would be #1
2.Diet Coke..cause it tastes just as calories
3.Whalers Vanilla RUM.. makes it taste like a cream soda
4. Just a little LIME
5.It's easy and quick to make
6.It doesnt take 5 mintues to order one
7.Captn Morgans Spiced RUM
8.You can get one just about anywhere
9.A Bartender cant screw it up
10.Myers Platinum RUM
11.It goes with meat, chicken or fish and pizza...
12.The ingredients are always on least at my house
13. Did I say RUM yet, its a long list?


  1. What a build-up you give them! I guess I ought to try one, one of these days.

  2. MMmmm...I having sushi tonight so bottoms up!!


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