Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 7 - I'm in trouble

I'm addicted!!!  Yes...I'm addicted to my blog. I am a person of excessive behavior and now my attentions have turned to blogging. My daughter thinks Im nuts, but that isnt unusual. She likes what i have written so far but she has yet to see the new layout!!!  My mom, who is new to social networking is now leaving comments on my facebook..asking where is DAY 6 and Day 7...Wait ...wait...I didnt know I had a

So here is where the trouble starts.  I can literally spend all day and night persuing websites that have to do with blogging, digital art, how-to's and everything else related to blogging and then i have no time left to blog or my  head hurts from being on the computer for 12 hours. This is how I spent my entire weekend and most of the day today.  Either way it's cutting into the main reason why i started MYBDE in the first place, as a cathartic outlet for emotions. Turning the positive into negative...holding myself accountable.

So in an attempt to throw myself a life raft of sorts, I thought i would write about what i experienced today viewing other people's blogs.  WOW..there are so many talented and funny people out there in this world!!! I had no idea that the blogging community could be so entertaining!!!  These people are just ordinary men and women living their lives just like me..but somehow are able to make it seem like everything they do is funny and exciting!! Even the cutting out notecards..what a blast!! I wonder if i could make the bland boneless chicken breast  I smothered with salt, pepper and garlic powder..funny and worth watching a video about. Or maybe , dare I, post a big  pic of myself for everyone to see ( not the little thumbnails you need a magnifying glass to see)...??? NO not yet..its too soon!!  Im not ready to be that NAKED.   ( naked in the literary sense mom, no worries)

So you see now why Im in trouble...
I would rather read other peoples blogs than write in my own.
I dont have much to talk about...I am being positive these I'm pretty much happy..when I'm happy it seems nothing  bad/strange/interesting  happens to me.

My interaction with  people is very limited.  I live alone. I don't have a husband or a boyfriend, I work only with my business partner, except for the occasional working lunch or dinner  with "outsiders" and then i have my game face on it doesnt count.   I'm healthy and I'm not a weirdo ..I have nice neighbors..but we all have different basically I thought I had something to say and now I'm second guessing myself.  I mean i could write about my cats leaving me presents in places other than underneath the xmas tree.. and how i somehow turned that into a positive or how one too many Bud Light Limes can make you forget 3 hours of a Baseball game you were actually at.....but long can I draw out those little ups and downs and still make it seem funny and exciting???

Its starting to sound like Im complaining that I have no negatives to turn into a positve..and I would like to say for the record and to the heavens above..THAT IS NOT SO!!!.. No Complaints here.  THANK YOU THANK  YOU THANK YOU GOD, for giving me the strength to bring unto myself, peace and perseverance.   I hope that got through...laws of positive attracttion. Its a big deal.

So with that being said I am not going to be discouraged by the great talent that cyber-surrounds me..I am going to dive into the blogging community and hope to find the funny in my own cirucmstances. But right now I have a headache..and I still have one more post Im working I need a BLL..i mean a break..before i hit the hay for good.

Until Tomorrow...Its All Good


  1. I laughing as I write this, because you sound like me for the last 2 months. I just started blogging in mid July, and all I do is read as many blogs as I can to get ideas. I admire the layouts, the headers, the pictures, and of course the posts. And....I spend wayyyyyy too much time blogging, and thinking about the next great idea for a post. I just love it.

  2. Glad to see Im not alone...I really do have one more blog to post for a blog hop on by 11:05 tonight i hope to be on my way up the stairs..Thanks for your comments..

  3. i am just starting my blog as well, and really don't know much how this works. i just love to write and read other people's writings. it's nice that you were able to make your own layout, i want to, but don't have the patience yet. maybe soon. haha..

    feel free to visit mine.. thanks..

  4. INa..thanks for stopping by..the layout was easy awesome finnish artist did it. There is a sqare banner box with a link that will take you to her site Itkupilli..she does really beautiful work.


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