Monday, September 14, 2009

Making a Difference Monday..Its only egg n cheese

Today is MONDAY!! and my business partner is having a "Case of the Mundays" :(   (Office Space-gotta luv it) She has got a bellyache and a headache and is currently in the prone position moaning and watching a movie ..( our office is built in the detached garage from her house) I have spent many Mondays that way..and come to think of it Saturdays and Sundays as well...tee hee...

Anyway..I am holding down the fort today on my own while she tries to recuperate and have been in here for awhile now...SLAVING AWAY...and I  thought I should check up on her..She is still not feeling well and will not eat and refused my offer of  tea with honey..Now I know she is sick. She does Everything for Everybody and there are not alot of people who return the favor. She has 6 kids, a great husband and an aged Mother..all but 4 of the kids still reside at home.  Her mom is up and wandering and in need of my good deed is to keep my partner comfortable and  make sure Grandma gets a really nice hot Egg and Cheese sandwich and a milkshake. At least that is one thing she won't have to worry about today. With that done, I can return to the office toconsider my blog topics for today answer my emails, make some phone calls and finish my bookwork!!!

Its All Good!!


  1. Wow, GREAT Monday! :) Thanks so much for participating.

  2. You are so thoughtful and considerate. Good for you!

  3. Thanks Carrie and Matty for your comments. Hope you both are having the best day ever!!


Are YOU having your Best Day Ever..let me know!!