Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Turd" is the Word

I just stumbled across a blog with quite a memorable title..

Don't Pick Up the Turd

I'm not gonna lie...I thought it would be a funny blog..turds are funny..The word  "turd" is funny
I mean..who wouldn't click on that, it's freakin..funny..and who doesn't like
toilet talk.. ( well mom ..hates it!! but she is screwed..our whole family
is full of it..literally)

but wait...don't expect poopy prose or crappy quotes....this blog post
goes quite a bit deeper...and if you read through..( and for may want to stop
amidst the english lesson..but keep going..its worth it) you migh just come out the
other end cleaner than when  you went in... its a Blogoscopy.. for your brain.

I hope the owner of this blog doesnt get pissed that i blogged and linked to his stuff but I really liked it and it was on a post that said he/she wanted more readers..I just got lucky that it wasnt about somebodys vacation to the Cape or Instructions on how to make a pot holder. I mean cookies and cake are good but I want some meat!  lol not sure that sounds quite right but my mind it works.

Don't be afraid..we are full of here


  1. I LOVE poop talk, are you kidding me? That's how I got my man, I sweet talked him about poop. lol

  2. That was trippy! Good though but kinda trippy! I am the vertical line and I'm going to put down the turd!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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